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Special exhibition of the Bauernhaus Museum Wolfegg: "Man-made. Photographic views of the landscapes of our time"

From May to October 2022, a special exhibition at the Bauernhaus Museum Wolfegg will deal with the traces left on the landscape by our age, which is characterised by mechanisation, traffic and urbanisation.


Gallery in the Marchtal Abbey, Obermarchtal

2012 Claudio Hils founded and curated the gallery in the cloister presenting contemporary photography focusing fundamentally on the human picture in photography.


FHV Gallery

Libraries shelter the literary works of the past and present but at the same time act as places of communication, encounter and exchange. With the Topic “Border areas – Grounding Photography” we offer a wide and sometimes controversial approach to contemporary photography. The border areas presented here offer insights into the different worlds of experiences as faced by the selected photographers. We join them on a picture tour to the border lands of the past and the future, show us inner and outer spaces, convey strangeness and the familiar.


ECB Award

How do we experience different cultures? How are they perceived as a group? In a united Europe, how can identities be preserved and, at the same time, common structures be ‘experienced’ and communicated? ... A visual memory could be created in the photographs based on the rapid change in the varied experiences of different generations and peoples in Europe. As time passes, a contemporary mirror becomes a historical document.


The Ravensburg Project

In the year 2000 the town of Ravensburg starts a multiyear photographic field study, a successive social and esthetical self-exploration. In a yearly rota for an initial 5 year selected photographers are invited to confront the urban area. With the backdrop of omnipresent media, globalization, acceleration of life these photographers will artistically position themselves documenting the social and cultural living space of a town at the beginning of the 21st century.


About Royal Kids and Others. Friedrich Pöhler, 1909-1910

Von Königskindern und anderen (About Royal Kids and Others) Friedrich Pöhler, a photographer in Wilhelmsdorf 1909-1910 It is still not known why in 1909 the wandering photographer Friedrich Pöhler came to the Upper Swabian village of Wilhelmsdorf, why - out of all places - he set up a photo atelier there and where he moved to after nearly two years of residency. Not even the value of his photographic legacy of Wilhelmsdorf was immediately recognized when the ca. 350 glass negatives were found a few years ago.